I Love You a Latke!

Latkes for everyone! During all eight days of Chanukah, use the code latkes to get 20% off  The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm (but only on those links, not on Amazon or the paperbacks.)
I Love You A LatkeArtwork by Yeaka of the four main characters of the series: the dragon, the warrior woman Rivka, the chef Aviva, and Queen Shulamit. The third installment, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, is due out on January 21, 2015.

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Fans saying nice things about The Second Mango

Something a little different from my usual content: nice messages from fans. They made me feel good, and maybe they’ll convince some of you to read the books :P Click on the links to read the rest of their posts.

Unassuming Lighthouse writes: “it’s legitimately the cutest book I have ever read.”

Creating Paths to Wander writes: “I’m really, really happy I bought this book. It’s awesome.”

The Lizard Princess writes: “It’s one of the few lesbian-themed books I’ve read that actually felt validating” and “As a 40 year old single lesbian who has had lesbian relationships before, I relate to [Shulamit] more than I’ve related to any other lesbian character I’ve ever read about.”

Prucanada writes: “it’s really funny and I felt really connected to the characters; the storytelling was EXCELLENT”

Nickcarragay writes: “The Second Mango by Shira Glassman is awesome and you should all read it”

J. L. Douglas writes: “I really felt like these were real people, and totally lost myself in their lives for the few hours it took to fly through this book.”

Angel Negra writes: “Your book drew me in and echoed me back myself.”

Dracolegend writes: “it’s really good I promise. It made me gasp and hold my breath and yell at the characters and go “no way!” “

Folieafamille writes: “the second mango was basically god’s gift to queer jewish girls everywhere given through the wonderful shira glassman and i am so happy i could cry”

Lezbhonest writes: “It is fun, fantastical, and NO QUEER WOMEN DIE OR “TURN” STRAIGHT”

Booklandreeve writes: “The Second Mango is adorbs. I read it in two days.”

Fannish Butterfly writes: “So many things to make me happy!”

I appreciate you all so much. <3

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Portrait in jasmine and grapevines

For I am unworthy, and she is lost these many years.
She said I am heartless, and thus, unworthy.

King Jahandar and his childhood sweetheart, driven away in fear of the responsibility of being his moral center. Who is she? Can she be persuaded to return and cast the light of her wisdom on his tainted reign?

jasmine and grapevinesClimbing the Date Palm is a fantasy novel about labor rights, available from Prizm Books. Art pictured by Becca Schauer.

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Four-dollar lesbian fairytales!

Use thankful2014 to get The Second Mango down to $3.60 and Climbing the Date Palm to $4.40. Package includes Kindle, Nook, html, and pdf. Code expires at the end of Thursday, 11/27/2014 and only works on Prizm’s website, not Amazon or on the paperbacks.Butterfly

(There are also a warrior woman, a dragon, and witches. If you want to skip directly to the witches they’re in book two. That’s also the one with the bi prince.)

More adventures coming this January!

Cartoon by NobunagaNoRan

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Tumblr contest: win free a lesbian paperback novel!

This holiday season, win a free paperback copy of The Second Mango. Feminism, femslash, and a friendly dragon are just around the corner! Click here and reblog.


It’s hard to find a girlfriend when you don’t know any other lesbians, so the young, nerdy Queen Shulamit hires the legendary warrior Rivka to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other girls like her. But the simple quest quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.

  • No “giveaway” blogs
  • Shipping will be free to any continental US address; anyone outside this range can opt to have the book mailed to a US friend or pay for international shipping
  • Reblogs will stop counting on December 16 at noon, Florida time
  • One prize will be awarded each night between December 16 and December 23.
  • Prize is one paperback copy of The Second Mango, except for the final prize, which will be both The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm plus a handmade rainbow pride necklace
  • You can enter as many times as you want
  • Likes do not count as an entry, only reblogs
  • Do not erase the comments below the picture
  • Tagging your post “signal boost” means the reblog doesn’t count, if you don’t want to enter, but it is still appreciated.
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He should love what makes you amazing

Ladies who have a male partner — this better be how he reacts to your strengths (physical and otherwise!)

The warrior Rivka and her smitten wizard Isaac are from these books and were drawn here by Yeaka.

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Were you looking for positive bisexual and asexual/aromantic representation?

Announcing a little surprise: two short stories to join the Mangoverse series! Tales will be sold as an eBook on February 11, 2015 and will be included free as a bonus at the end of the A Harvest of Ripe Figs paperback release.


“Aviva and the Aliens” is a science-fiction farce starring Perach’s bisexual chef-turned-royal-mistress. On the night before the royal Passover seder, Aviva has to outsmart the aliens who abducted her to cook for them because they had grown sick of their spaceship’s food replicators. Will she get home before Queen Shulamit wakes up and panics from her absence? Tune in for a kickass curvy brown bisexual woman rescuing herself!

“Rivka in Port Saltspray” is a dark piece of fantasy/action about one of Rivka’s adventures during her years on the road before settling down in Perach as Shulamit’s captain. Trapped in a seedy port town because an innkeeper is holding her shapeshifting dragon-horse hostage until she can pay all the charges he invented, Rivka finally has a chance at some decent money when a wealthy but weak man hires her to rescue his fiancée. But she quickly learns there is more at stake. This story contains an important aromantic/asexual character, and the only romantic pairings mentioned at all are background and/or off-screen. Warning for violence.

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