Tumblr contest: win free a lesbian paperback novel!

This holiday season, win a free paperback copy of The Second Mango. Feminism, femslash, and a friendly dragon are just around the corner! Click here and reblog.


It’s hard to find a girlfriend when you don’t know any other lesbians, so the young, nerdy Queen Shulamit hires the legendary warrior Rivka to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other girls like her. But the simple quest quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.

  • No “giveaway” blogs
  • Shipping will be free to any continental US address; anyone outside this range can opt to have the book mailed to a US friend or pay for international shipping
  • Reblogs will stop counting on December 16 at noon, Florida time
  • One prize will be awarded each night between December 16 and December 23.
  • Prize is one paperback copy of The Second Mango, except for the final prize, which will be both The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm plus a handmade rainbow pride necklace
  • You can enter as many times as you want
  • Likes do not count as an entry, only reblogs
  • Do not erase the comments below the picture
  • Tagging your post “signal boost” means the reblog doesn’t count, if you don’t want to enter, but it is still appreciated.
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He should love what makes you amazing

Ladies who have a male partner — this better be how he reacts to your strengths (physical and otherwise!)

The warrior Rivka and her smitten wizard Isaac are from these books and were drawn here by Yeaka.

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Were you looking for positive bisexual and asexual/aromantic representation?

Announcing a little surprise: two short stories to join the Mangoverse series! Tales will be sold as an eBook on February 11, 2015 and will be included free as a bonus at the end of the A Harvest of Ripe Figs paperback release.


“Aviva and the Aliens” is a science-fiction farce starring Perach’s bisexual chef-turned-royal-mistress. On the night before the royal Passover seder, Aviva has to outsmart the aliens who abducted her to cook for them because they had grown sick of their spaceship’s food replicators. Will she get home before Queen Shulamit wakes up and panics from her absence? Tune in for a kickass curvy brown bisexual woman rescuing herself!

“Rivka in Port Saltspray” is a dark piece of fantasy/action about one of Rivka’s adventures during her years on the road before settling down in Perach as Shulamit’s captain. Trapped in a seedy port town because an innkeeper is holding her shapeshifting dragon-horse hostage until she can pay all the charges he invented, Rivka finally has a chance at some decent money when a wealthy but weak man hires her to rescue his fiancée. But she quickly learns there is more at stake. This story contains an important aromantic/asexual character, and the only romantic pairings mentioned at all are background and/or off-screen. Warning for violence.

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And then she put her down and kissed her

You really want to make a writer happy — surprise her with an adorable picture of her lady couple in the middle of the night out of nowhere. Thanks, Yeaka!
Yeaka Shulamit and Aviva

Shulamit and Aviva are characters from these novels.

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Characters like us

This just in: “I want a queer and/or trans character whose storyline doesn’t revolve around their marginalization” does not mean “I never want fictional characters to ever face microaggressions or challenges ever again!”

Watching a character like me deal with background stuff while having completely unrelated adventures that could have starred straight people but for once, we get to play is helpful and cathartic. Having characters like me not get to participate in adventure stories and fairytales unless the marginalization narrative is front and center feels claustrophobic.

The weird thing is the way people think the addition of same-sex couples or trans characters means the story would have to change. Like movies about hostage crises. There’s always shots of the negotiator’s freaked-out spouse or girlfriend or whatever, outside, back home, whichever. Why can’t that person be a same-sex partner or trans or something? There’s literally no reason except people would freak out. SOME people would freak out. You know what I mean?

Because a buddy cop movie is a completely different movie if the buddy cops hook up, but not if one of the buddy cops has a husband back home.

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“Kiss me so I’ll be able to feel it when we’re apart.”

The wizard Isaac is leaving on a royal spy mission, leaving behind his warrior captain wife Rivka for a few days. It’s my birthday today, so I’m posting pure self-indulgence.
Erika-Isaac and RivkaCharacters from The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm, drawn by Erika Hammerschmidt. Scene is from Date Palm but technically that’s a spoiler.

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Fairy tales where the cute, plucky cook winds up with the queen

In The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm, plus the upcoming sequels, the ladies who love ladies get the happiest endings!

Shula Aviva kissl

Queen Shulamit and Chef Aviva were drawn here by Kayaczek.

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