Cathy Hird and I interview each other

As new Prizm authors, Ms. Hird and I had a lot of fun asking each other questions about the books we’ve written. Her book, Goddess of the Moon, is set in ancient Greece and will be out later this year.

Some things that I said that felt important for me to share, here, rather than just on the link–

On the core friendship in my first book, The Second Mango:

My secondary protagonist follows in the footsteps of Mulan, Eowyn, and even Yentl, a straight woman dressing in men’s clothing so she’ll be accepted in a “man’s job.” In many of the stories in which these women appear, their career-based crossdressing is the queerest aspect of the story. As a real live queer woman, I always wondered what it would be like to see one of these women come face to face and interact with a genuine lesbian. That’s one thing that inspired me to create the primary protagonist, my little Queen.

On why I write:

I write because ever since I was five years old I get “into” stories, but there was always something about the fictional universe I felt like I had to change–wouldn’t be great if those two were married or if someone hadn’t died or if there were more female characters or if two bitter enemies eventually made friends? With my own universe I finally have the power to tweak all the details right out of the gate to do all the things I like.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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4 Responses to Cathy Hird and I interview each other

  1. Summer Blue says:

    Needs a “Like” button. XD Oh Facebook, how you change us. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to reading the books! And I need to work on chibis… I’ll see if I can’t play with the ones I did at your seder some.

  2. sillydave says:

    This reminds me of the movie “Albert Nobbs”.
    I can’t wait to see where you go with this 🙂

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