“Aba, I found it!” Princess Shulamit’s childhood memories of Pesach

One ritual of the Passover seder is when Daddy, or whoever else is running the show, hides one of the pieces of matzo he or she was using in the discussion of matzo. Then the kid(s) run all over the house looking for it, and get prizes when they find it.

Some years, King Noach has a new book for his daughter Shulamit, or a pair of earrings. This year he’s going to give her something very special–her mother’s jewelry, with bright green stones like the new growth on a plant. But she doesn’t know that yet. She just knows that she FOUND IT!

(Character by Shira Glassman; drawing by Mina V.; inked/colored by Jane Dominguez. Read about Shulamit’s adventures in The Second Mango, available from Prizm Books and Amazon Kindle as eBooks, and in print pre-ordered from Wild Iris Books. )

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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2 Responses to “Aba, I found it!” Princess Shulamit’s childhood memories of Pesach

  1. littlegrey88 says:

    can not wait! all these little glimpses into the book are so exciting! 🙂

  2. Shira says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I should have enough for one a week until the book comes out, give or take. If it’s a few weeks late I may have to commission more art! (Oh, no, right? 😛 )
    ….and I can’t wait, either. I should be getting the first round of edits back soon from my assigned editor.

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