Knitting: the author loves it; the character, not so much!

Knitting: the author loves it; the character, not so much!

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was very young, and as an adult I’ve met many of my good friends through social knitting/crocheting groups. However, the same cannot be said of my warrior character Rivka.

Here we see her in her past, when her well-meaning but misguided mother made her knit instead of learning swordsmanship like she wanted. She’s amusing herself thinking about how her knitting needles could be used in battle. They’re not as big as a sword, but she’s sure she could do some damage with them if she had to. Hyeaahhhh!

That’s not to say that you can’t be a fierce warrior woman while enjoying knitting; I have quite a few friends who are as brave and as strong as she is who not only knit but spin and dye their own yarn as well.

Out of context, of course, this picture could be many of us struggling with a project we’re ready to throw out the window! You can buy it on a project bag, if you wish.

(Character by Shira Glassman; drawing by Mina V.; inked/colored by Jane Dominguez. Read about Rivka and Shulamit’s adventures in The Second Mango, available from Prizm Books and Amazon Kindle as eBooks, and in print pre-ordered from Wild Iris Books. )

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