Developing the characters and central relationship in The Second Mango, due out from Prizm Books on August 21

So why “a gay woman and a straight woman” having adventures? (Notice how nobody ever asks me why the dragon is there. DRAGONS! Dragons always belong.)

I answer that question on the LGBT Fantasy Fans and Writers blog; come click over and see. A quote:

So often in their stories, the straight-but-crossdressing woman winds up with a woman in love with her male identity, but the inherent lesbianism of this is never addressed openly. “She found a way to deflower the bride [Hadass],” says Singer. Marzelline in Beethoven’s Fidelio wants to marry Leonore. As a bisexual child, I was fascinated. But neither Hadass nor Marzelline are ever written as lesbians. They are always supposed to be straight women who were taken in by the male clothing. I was tired of being erased by this homophobic silencing. I wanted to see what would happen if one of these straight-but-crossdressing women came face to face with a real lesbian.

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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