A fantasy novel with a gluten intolerant heroine?

[…]because her world lacks the technology and medical advances to understand digestive disorders, her father and his court are left to muddle through with typical pre-gunpowder-era medical cluelessness. She’s royalty, so poison is quickly tested for and ruled out. The king sends for a magician, but he determines that she’s not under a curse.

At this point they just stop believing her, and she’s left alone in a prison of anxiety and disgust with her body.

Into that prison steps the palace sous-chef, Aviva, with a glass of water. She’s a working-class woman, about two years older than Shulamit, and thanks to a lifetime of caring for a sick mother, she’s got ideas of her own about how to treat the princess’s malady.

By the time The Second Mango opens, however, Aviva has vanished with nothing but a cryptic Dear Jane letter behind her. Shulamit is left to manage her food issues on her own, and they form a key portion of her adventures and characterization in the book.

Read the rest of the guest post at the link above, or buy The Second Mango on Prizm Books’s website or on Amazon Kindle. Print release planned for some time September 2013.


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Queer Jewish feminist author
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