Guest post on BA Tortuga’s blog about my book, “The Second Mango”

I write because I love to make up new things. When I love something, I want to roll around in it, and writing is the best way I can think of to do that. When I hate something, I want to soothe myself, so sometimes I can think of a way to “fix it” in my writing. I also write because there are stories I wish existed, but they don’t already. I want to see same-sex couples getting to be dignified and beautiful in fantasy stories or historical settings like opposite-sex couples do, with a BBC piano soundtrack in the background or a Rogers and Hammerstein score. I want to see the older, fatter, bearded man get the girl because I’m tired of feeling even gayer than I already am when I read or watch heterosexual love stories–the man is inevitably never my type.

I also talked about where the inspiration for The Second Mango came from, and gave a shout-out to one of our local bakers who sells wonderful gluten-free raspberry cheesecake bites–since the main character of my book, like my spouse, is gluten-intolerant. Click to read more, or buy the book on Amazon Kindle or Prizm’s website (out in print by mid-September.)

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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