My guest post on the Women and Words blog: “Where should the queer woman look, to find her place in stories of dragons and magic?”

Click the link to read about how my childhood exposure to lots of stories in which women dressed up as men for reasons completely divorced from gender presentation or sexual orientation, as a bisexual child, caused me to wonder: what of those women who loved them “as men”? …and how that question eventually created the central friendship (between a gay woman and a straight woman) in my novel The Second Mango.

 it was important for me to show that a damsel who rescues herself is not the only feminist answer to fairy tales. I wanted to write a story in which women rescue each other — not only is it not anti-feminist to need rescuing from time to time yourself, but to rescue someone else — now that’s a sign of empowerment!

The Second Mango is available on my publisher’s website Prizm Books, and on Amazon Kindle. Print release coming in mid-September.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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