“Is it singing to you?” Scene from The Second Mango, a lesbian young adult fantasy novel

Aviva took her to the palace herb garden to teach her what all the herbs looked like. She plucked a handful of rippled green leaves and crushed them beneath Shulamit’s nose. The cold, fresh scent flowed forth. “Is it singing to you?”

“It’s mint!”

Aviva smiled in affirmation. “She smells cool because she keeps a secret part of herself always hidden away from the sun. She’s strong enough to remain cold even in the hottest weather. She has principles and she sticks to ’em.”

Shulamit giggled. “You always talk in poetry. Do you ever write anything down?”

A warm but slightly self-conscious smile spread over the cook’s face. “I never thought of it as poetry—it just happens on its own when I talk. I get in a hurry to say what I’m feeling, and before I know it, I’ve said something goofy.”

From The Second Mango, a lesbian young adult fantasy novel by Shira Glassman, published by Prizm Books. Artwork by Jane Dominguez. Available at Amazon in Kindle and in print; also for sale with an autograph from Wild Iris Books. Use the code “10years” to get 20% off the eBook package if you buy directly from the publisher’s website until 9/19/2013.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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