Ladies rescuing ladies: my guest post on Muse Rising

About my queer feminist fantasy novel The Second Mango —

Many times when talking of feminist retellings of fairy tales, we decide that the solution is for the “damsel” to rescue herself. Why not send a woman to rescue another woman? That’s often how it works in real life, anyway–friends rescue each other in little ways all the time. There’s nothing inherently unfeminist about needing to be rescued; it’s only when the rescuer is always male and the person in distress is always female that we’ve gotten stuck in tropes. In my storytelling, I wanted to talk about the beautiful phenomenon of women rescuing each other–in some ways, a radical idea that those in power would rather we ignore in favor of the narrative that all women stand in competition with each other for male attention.

Read the rest of my guest post on Sarah Diemer and her wife’s lesbian young adult fiction blog.

We, the queer women of the world, are good enough to be in fairy tales and adventure stories, stories where we get to ride dragons and hang out with warrior women and enter creepy castles and cursed temples clutching the ends of our scarves with nervous excitement. Stories where we exist. For a long time we’ll probably have to make them up ourselves, but then–isn’t that the best way to have the greatest adventure of all?

The Second Mango, in which the lesbian protagonist gets to do all these things and more, is also available in print and Kindle formats on Amazon; see top of page to buy the ebook from the publisher directly. The sequel, Climbing the Date Palm, is due out in July 2014.

Sarah, who hosted me, is the author of The Dark Wife, a lesbian YA retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth.

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