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Click here to read a short guest post about my queer feminist fantasy novel The Second Mango, and also an excerpt from the end of chapter three that hasn’t been posted online yet.

In The Second Mango, my fantasy novel recently published by Prizm Books, a young lesbian is looking for love, a straight female mercenary is looking for a permanent bodyguard gig, and a dragon is looking fabulous. Together, they travel a tropical kingdom with the goals of finding the queen a girlfriend, saving a group of women who were cursed by an evil sorcerer, and trying to find meals that don’t set off the queen’s multiple food allergies.


Sound like fun? It’s a love letter to everything I like about the way I grew up, and maybe some hate mail as well. I felt so left out as a kid, seeing no sweet, happily-ever-after romance between two girls in my fairy tales the way I wanted there to be. Even my taste in men left me little fictional comfort, because I tend to like them older, more mysterious, not stereotypically young and handsome. And I always longed for the dragon to be on the side of the heroes. All these things went into my book.

Leave a comment on the guest post by Saturday night, November 9 (not here; the website owners have to see it) to be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of the eBook.

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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