Climbing the Date Palm: the Mango sequel coming out summer 2014!

I’d already written a sequel to The Second Mango before I shopped it around to publishers, so after its release, I sent it over. The title is Climbing the Date Palm and while it centers on our friends from the first book, there’s also a new couple:


The plot:

Queen Shulamit is eager to help Kaveh, the youngest prince of a neighboring country, when his father throws his engineer boyfriend in jail for leading his workers in protest over underpaid wages. But if she can’t find a peaceful solution that will keep everybody happy, the two countries could wind up at war.

That’s Prince Kaveh there on the right, and his boyfriend Farzin on the left, at the protest. The pieces of melon were donated by a sympathetic farmer and they’re discussing if there’s any way to get more food to the protesters. The picture was drawn on commission by Erin Ptah, creator of But I’m A Cat Person.

This book focuses more on issues of bisexuality than the first one did, and as you can guess from the summary, is all about workers’ rights. And family, and romance (f/f, m/f, and m/m), and dragons, of course!

Edited to add buy link!

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