Shabbat shalom!

Sunset Shabbat

“It’s Shabbat,” Shulamit suddenly realized out loud.

Rivka muttered quietly in her own language in a cadence Shulamit took for counting out the days. “So it is. There’s our Shabbas candle…”

“Where?” Shulamit felt smart for noticing Rivka’s usage of the northern version of the word.

Rivka pointed at the sunset, a pink-and-gold marvel that spread across the far shore of the lake. “And the lake can be the wine.”

“We can say the wine blessing over the tangerine juice,” Shulamit suggested.


“We’d better start before the colors start fading. They’re so… they go away so quickly. Sometimes the prettiest part only lasts a minute.”

The two women sat down and covered their eyes to say a blessing, and then looked out over the beautiful sunset.

from The Second Mango, a queer feminist fairy tale by Shira Glassman.

Above artwork by Rebecca Schauer

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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