Family portrait

The four main characters of The Second Mango and its sequels, as drawn on commission by akidoodles. Here is her commission info. Queen Shulamit, the cuddly intellectual lesbian star of the series, is the one in the lower right corner.


Lead cast of the Mango books

This picture goes up this weekend to honor my family, since I’ll be spending today with them celebrating my grandfather’s 90th birthday. He and my grandmother were one of the inspirations for the way Rivka and Isaac relate to the younger women — after all, in my life, they’re the original “older people speaking Yiddish when they don’t want you to know what they’re saying to each other”; my grandfather is the original Supportive Blue-eyed Jewish Guy; my grandmother is the original Ashkenazi Warrior Woman. (In a poetical sense, anyway. But if you knew her, you’d understand.)

Now, let’s all hope that a fancy French restaurant will know what ‘gluten-free’ means!

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