My favorite sparring partner

Some people flirt by batting their eyelashes or blowing kisses, but then there’s Isaac and Rivka…


These are the characters you get to hang out with if you read The Second Mango and its sequels (Climbing the Date Palm is due out on July 2.) The women sitting at the table are a couple, too.

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3 Responses to My favorite sparring partner

  1. jaelscribble says:

    I love this! The expression on Shulamit’s face is amazing. She does not look impressed.

    • Shira says:

      Thanks! I was hoping I’d be able to find an artist who could draw that very specific face — it’s almost an anime cliché so finding someone who knew what I meant made the idea come off perfectly.

      Think how stressful it would be for someone as neurotic as Shula to have to be in a small room with people clowning around like that — the constant stress they’re going to knock things over 😛

      • jaelscribble says:

        Haha, I KNOW THE FEELING ALL TOO WELL! It’s called “family gathering standard mood.”

        …and I know have made this face.

        I didn’t realize this was an anime cliche! I know the “small text without a bubble” is in manga a lot, but it’s hilarious when done right (as it is here).

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