Princess Shulamit tubing on the Itchetucknee

This is tomorrow night’s concert, the one where we’re playing the world premiere of Disney’s official orchestral suite of Frozen music.

The orchestra hired Becca Schauer, who’s one of my regular artists, to do the art for this poster, so naturally, when they said they wanted kids, I asked if she could include Shulamit from way before the action in The Second Mango.

So, there she is!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 3.23.01 PMGO May 9th Flyer

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6 Responses to Princess Shulamit tubing on the Itchetucknee

  1. jaelscribble says:

    I like the very Disney-appropriate art, and I would definitely love to see this (I love Frozen, and live orchestral music in general)! Are you playing in the concert, or more behind-the-scenes?

    • Shira says:

      Yup, I’m playing!

      • jaelscribble says:

        Awesome! Can I ask what you play?

        In any case, have fuuun (I honestly don’t know what the musical equivalent of “break a leg” is, or if there is one, so there you go)!

    • Shira says:

      I’m a violinist 🙂 In Germany they say “toi toi toi”, which is supposed to be spitting over your shoulder for luck — but I don’t think anyone around here would even know that so it might make me look like I thought I was hifalutin’ or something if I tried saying it. Like, for the three people who recognized what I was doing. 😛

      In any case, thanks!

      • jaelscribble says:

        Violin! Oh, well, violinists are SUPPOSED to be hifalutin’! (;

        (I didn’t realize this was a German expression! I would hear that as “you, you, you” because French and I would assume you personified your violin. So yeah…maybe leave this one in the pit either way).

        But toi, toi, toi all the same!

    • Shira says:

      They say toi like “toy”, like a plastic doll, not twa like French 😛 (I’m sure if the expression is used in France they probably spell it differently when transliterating it. I also have no idea about anything French or other parts of Europe; I’ve just been around musicians in a German theater before.)

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