So close and yet so far away

Read The Second Mango? Remember this scene?

Rivka on one side of the door


“Who disturbs my sleep?” growled a familiar bass voice, the low tones resonating more powerfully and more harshly than usual through the door.

“Please let me in.”

“What happened to not asking more of me?”

“I’m sorry — I’m weak—” She pressed herself against his door, yearning for the impossible, wanting him to hold her and turn whatever felt like a heart beating between her legs into an oasis of sweet relief.

“No, you’re strong because you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it.”

Here’s Rivka’s side of the door, drawn by Erika Hammerschmidt. See more for the full picture, but be aware, it’s VERY SPOILERY. (Worksafe.)


Spoiler space!




Who disturbs my sleep

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