Guest Post: Shira Glassman on Climbing the Date Palm and The Second Mango

I was invited to post on Racheline and Erin’s blog to talk a little bit about how bisexuality influences the plot and characterizations in my new book. Come check it out!


Another guest post today, this time from Shira Glassman, focusing on some of the bisexual characters in her latest novel, Climbing the Date Palm, the sequel to her book The Second Mango. Both are YA romances that cover the full LGBTQ spectrum and are available from Prizm Books (the YA imprint of Torquere Press) as well as major retailers online and off.

Also, I must note, that in addition to the many other forms of representation present in these books, one of the main characters has celiac disease (just like me!).

 Shira Glassman writes:

I’ve never understood why it’s so hard for some people to believe in the existence of bisexuality.

After all, climbingthedatepalm-1my ravenousness when I see a salad bar doesn’t negate my special relationship with rotisserie chicken or lambchops. People are allowed to like more than one type of food, and if I sit…

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