Aviva salad! Crunchy raw goodness from the kitchen of Perach’s “royal favorite”

Aviva, the bisexual chef who’s also the queen’s sweetheart, would like to share one of her best recipes with you! It’s vegetarian (with dairy), super refreshing, and requires no cooking.Celery AvivaAviva salad

You will need:

-Raw green peas, shelled
-Baby hothouse cucumbers — the little kind that come in the package.
-Plain greek yogurt (around here, we buy Fage)
-Fresh dill

1. Remove leaves and white ends of celery stalks. Draw knife down center of celery stalk the long way to divide stalk into two strips.
2. Slice cucumbers the long way, then, holding the two halves together like a sub sandwich, slice into half-moons.
3. Mix together roughly equal parts by volume cucumber, celery, and peas.
4. Juice the lemons. Bottled has a different taste, so use fresh if you can.
5. Add yogurt and lemon juice, a little bit at a time so the lemon juice cuts into the yogurt and helps it spread around.
6. Chop dill and mix in.

Some people may want to add salt and pepper.

Aviva is a character from The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm and she is drawn here by chiroyo.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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