Characters like us

This just in: “I want a queer and/or trans character whose storyline doesn’t revolve around their marginalization” does not mean “I never want fictional characters to ever face microaggressions or challenges ever again!”

Watching a character like me deal with background stuff while having completely unrelated adventures that could have starred straight people but for once, we get to play is helpful and cathartic. Having characters like me not get to participate in adventure stories and fairytales unless the marginalization narrative is front and center feels claustrophobic.

The weird thing is the way people think the addition of same-sex couples or trans characters means the story would have to change. Like movies about hostage crises. There’s always shots of the negotiator’s freaked-out spouse or girlfriend or whatever, outside, back home, whichever. Why can’t that person be a same-sex partner or trans or something? There’s literally no reason except people would freak out. SOME people would freak out. You know what I mean?

Because a buddy cop movie is a completely different movie if the buddy cops hook up, but not if one of the buddy cops has a husband back home.

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2 Responses to Characters like us

  1. Voss Foster says:

    Although I would absolutely watch a buddy cop movie where the buddies hooked up.

    Good article. So few people get it.

    • Shira says:

      Thank you! I think a lot of people would. That’s probably one of the most popular “real world” slash scenarios, thanks to buddy cop shows being A Thing.

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