Fans saying nice things about The Second Mango

Something a little different from my usual content: nice messages from fans. They made me feel good, and maybe they’ll convince some of you to read the books 😛 Click on the links to read the rest of their posts.

Unassuming Lighthouse writes: “it’s legitimately the cutest book I have ever read.”

Creating Paths to Wander writes: “I’m really, really happy I bought this book. It’s awesome.”

The Lizard Princess writes: “It’s one of the few lesbian-themed books I’ve read that actually felt validating” and “As a 40 year old single lesbian who has had lesbian relationships before, I relate to [Shulamit] more than I’ve related to any other lesbian character I’ve ever read about.”

Prucanada writes: “it’s really funny and I felt really connected to the characters; the storytelling was EXCELLENT”

Nickcarragay writes: “The Second Mango by Shira Glassman is awesome and you should all read it”

J. L. Douglas writes: “I really felt like these were real people, and totally lost myself in their lives for the few hours it took to fly through this book.”

Angel Negra writes: “Your book drew me in and echoed me back myself.”

Dracolegend writes: “it’s really good I promise. It made me gasp and hold my breath and yell at the characters and go “no way!” ”

Folieafamille writes: “the second mango was basically god’s gift to queer jewish girls everywhere given through the wonderful shira glassman and i am so happy i could cry”

Lezbhonest writes: “It is fun, fantastical, and NO QUEER WOMEN DIE OR “TURN” STRAIGHT”

Booklandreeve writes: “The Second Mango is adorbs. I read it in two days.”

Fannish Butterfly writes: “So many things to make me happy!”

The Brave and the Broiled writes: “not only do I get to read about these amazing women but whoa what hey the look like me too. I’m so confused I thought I only got to have one of the above.”

I appreciate you all so much. ❤

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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