“My Lady King”: genderweird lesbian sword-and-sorcery romance between warrior and witch

My Lady King by Kayla Bashe (kayla-bird on Tumblr) is a FREE Kindle download until January 6 (2015) and if you grab it, you’re in for a real treat. (There are apps you can use to read it if you don’t have an actual Kindle. I read mine on my little phone.)

What a great, genderweird romp! Plot twists, rich worldbuilding, come on, I want a movie.

First of all, at its center it’s a romance between a butch warrior monarch who is female but is constantly referred to as a king and not a queen, and you know what? It just makes sense within the logic of the story, and a bisexual witch who’s devoted to helping her impoverished, hardworking people but is also recovering from a scary past.

Second of all, all the other important characters in the book are queer and/or trans, too, including several minor nonbinary characters.

The casualness with which same-sex attraction and trans identities are respected in the fantasy world she created were a lot of fun. Her leads still had plenty of problems to fight off — they just weren’t homo/bi/lesbo/transphobic microaggressions.

Both leading ladies are women of color, and the witch’s dark skin is complimented by other characters in a way that evokes this culture’s worship of the moon and the night.

Also, Bashe created a compelling Death character that, well, I guess I finished up the book with a crush on. MY TASTE IN MEN, IT IS WEIRD bye.

Anyway, short version: if you like things where ladies like other ladies, and defend other ladies, and want to play in a fantasy sandbox where YOU and YOU and YOU are included without having to write half the representation in your head, go download this!

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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