Florida married

We were married before. We’ve been married since 2007, in our hearts.

But now we are key lime pie married, we are navel oranges in the winter married, we are feet in the ocean married, we are date palms guarding Main Street married, we are sea grapes growing twisted along the dunes married, we are curly gray moss hanging from the oak trees married, we are fiddle music in the shade married, we are alligator meat dipped in remoulade married, we are locally grown okra from the family owned grocery store married, we are white sand at Clearwater married, we are “does anyone ever buy those weird coconut patties at the gas stations?” married, we are ORANGE AND BLUE married, we are sleepy actual alligators married, we are teeny tiny frogs that infest the swimming pool married, we are surprise lizards on your windshield after you’re already going 25 married, we are thick gray storms for five minutes in the afternoon married, we are “nobody can drive in Orlando” married, we are tupelo honey married, we are banana thickets married, we are gopher tortoise married (they’re a keystone species!), we are strolling along Las Olas and the Riverfront in Ft. Lauderdale married, we are boat rides to look at the houses of CEO’s married, we are jackfruit married, we are Robert is Here married…


About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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7 Responses to Florida married

  1. This is a elegant, fun, and happy bit but mostly it is true. I recently heard of Florida’s acceptance of same sex marriage brought to me by my partner that is a Florida/Georgia native. I wish the best of luck to you and your old married hearts refurbished stay happy now that you are fresh squeezed Florida orange juice made into a morning mimosa married 🙂

  2. J.L. Douglas says:


    (It somehow didn’t occur to me that you’d be affected by Florida’s decision. Don’t know why; I assumed you jetted elsewhere for some reason?)

    (ALSO: Did you have a second wedding?)

    • Shira says:

      Thank you! We did jet somewhere else. But it didn’t count at home until yesterday.

      We didn’t have any kind of second anything 😛 We did go out for Egyptian food, so I ate food like the food in my books.

      • J.L. Douglas says:

        Egyptian food?! I just feel like that’s a celebration in itself (and by that I mean also I am still sad that the Egyptian café in the neighborhood closed).

        Either way, congraaaaaaats!

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