Light-hearted lesbian fairytale mystery now available on Kindle preorder as well

“Queen Shulamit here. My latest adventure, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, is now available on Kindle preorder as well as the publisher’s eBook package. The ebook comes out on Jan 21, with paperback is coming mid-February.”

President Shulamit“Yes, you? Oh, what’s it about? Well, Esther, the big violin star, was in town and after her great performance, someone stole her fiddle…you can read a free sample of that part here.”

“What? Yes, I solved it! My team helped, though.”

“Yes? Oh, how do I juggle being queen, solving mysteries, and raising a six month old? Well, I consider solving mysteries to be a big part of my duties as queen, since I’m at the top of the legal food chain here. And as far as the baby princess, my partner Aviva isn’t the only one helping me raise her — she’s got a Zayde Wizard, and Aviva’s parents, plus my bodyguard Rivka’s mom looking after her. We’re a happy bunch.”

“Photo” credit Becca Schauer.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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