Lunaside: lesbian love triangle between three wholesome, sweet teenaged camp counselors

Lunaside by Canadian lesbian J. L. Douglas (also available from Amazon but that first link will earn the author twice the royalties for an identical purchase price) goes on my list of YA novels about girls loving girls that except for some brief background storytelling, isn’t going to put you face to face with your fears about coming out, acceptance, and homophobia/lesbophobia. In other words, the books I wish there had been piles of when I was the main characters’ age.

Instead, the main conflicts are leading lady Moira’s awkwardness with expressing emotions and affection and Moira’s sudden unwanted attraction to someone other than her girlfriend. Will she choose the pint-sized geeky butch she’s been with for four months or the pale-eyed beauty who shares her own shyness?

While the main characters are all lesbians, the experience of reading books where women love other women is something important to many bi/pan women, too, so I’ll note that 1. this is a bi-safe book with literally no biphobia either from the author or any character and 2. one of Moira’s camp buddies, quickly introduced as asexual, turns out to be biromantic asexual.

There are brief scenes of sensuality but the author focused on emotions during them instead of physical details. I thought the book was well-written and polished, too.

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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