The adventures of Princess Naomi and her Zayde Dragon

Princess Naomi is very lucky. She has two moms who love her very much, one of whom is queen of the whole kingdom! She’s also got a dragon who looks after her.

ShirafinComi1 ShirafinComi2 ShirafinComi3 ShirafinComi4 ShirafinComi5

Princess Naomi, her mothers, and the dragon are all characters from the Mangoverse novel series. Their story begins in The Second Mango, with Queen Shulamit figuring out how to be a queen at age twenty, and looking for family, love, and her own strength. It continues in Climbing the Date Palm, as she and her partner wonder how two girls are ever going to come up with a royal heir–but maybe magic can help? And in A Harvest of Ripe Figs, Queen Shulamit shows that even with the baby princess strapped to her chest she’s able to solve mysteries and protect her subjects from crime.

Naomi gets to be the star of the show in the short story “The Generous Princess”, part of  the Tales from Perach collection.

This artwork is the work of Yeaka; scenarios and dialogue by Shira Glassman. “Zayde” is grandpa in Yiddish.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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