Guest post and f/f YA giveaway: Lunaside by J. L. Douglas

I invited my fellow Prizm author J. L. Douglas to come to my blog to talk about how her new book Lunaside has not only an all-girl love triangle, but strong female friendships as well!

Lunaside is a lesbian summer camp romance that’s as much about the summer camp as it is about the lesbian romance.Aside from the whole her-girlfriend-and-this-other-girl-who-is-into-her-both-work-at-Lunaside love triangle thing, Moira’s pretty lucky. Her two best friends work at Lunaside with her.

lunaside friendship
There’s Jude, star rugby player and the head counselor of Sports Camp. She and Moira met when Jude’s family was vacationing on Trundle Island when they were both four years old. She threatened to spray Moira with the garden hose when she caught her playing with a rugby ball in the backyard, after her mother had told her not to.

Moira didn’t tell, and they’ve been friends ever since.

Bailey and Moira met last summer at Lunaside. They didn’t get along at first because Moira is allergic to new people, but they shared a cabin so they had to learn to get along.  Bailey ended up being the first person at the camp that Moira came out to, and they’ve been close ever since…even though Bailey’s “fashion advice” is sometimes a bit much.

Moira will wear things that aren’t sundresses when she wants, Bailey.

Bailey and Jude also become friends when they, despite overwhelming differences, discover their shared love of post-camp beach bonfires.

So what if Jude’s always shouting and Bailey’s always proposing wardrobe upgrades that involve Moira wearing things and washing her hair every day? They help her out with her problems when she needs it. And their connection gives Moira something better than a maybe-maybe-not love triangle—a not-messed-up-but-definitely-unlikely friend triangle.

(Friend triangle. That’s a thing, right? If not, can it be a thing now, please?)
Art by Laya. To enter to win an autographed paperback, leave a comment with a cool friendship memory! Winner will be drawn at random on August 1.
Here’s Moira with her two potential girlfriends!

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12 Responses to Guest post and f/f YA giveaway: Lunaside by J. L. Douglas

  1. Katie L says:

    Oooh cool friendship memory! My best friend and I drove out to Ohio to pick up my horse, and then back across to bring him to a farm in southeast PA and then drove him back out to Western PA to college. Each time was a wild adventure as my horse was terrible in the trailer, we hit crazy storms, and I accidentally shifted her truck into neutral while going up a hill. My horse made such a ruckus at a gas station someone asked us if it was an elephant. Whenever he was rearing too much on the highway, we put the trailer on the rumble strips and that got him to put his feet down real quick. We’ve been best friends for almost ten years and we still laugh about those drives and how crazy I was to take the horse.

  2. Dahlia Adler says:

    Love this art *and* the sound of this book! I was a major summer camp girl – 13 years – and my favorite memories with my friends were definitely hockey-related. The girls in my division were obsessed with the sport, and we played every chance we got…including reallllly late one night. An absurdly immature (older, married) division head was so angry at us for doing so that she came into our bunk blasting her vacuum the next morning. It was weird as hell. Anyway, worth it.

  3. Aeia P. says:

    It looks amazing! So, cool friendship memory: I met my best friend in seventh grade. I had switched to a new PE class and didn’t know anyone there. I generally hated every minute of it. I never had any partners or people to talk to, so it wasn’t fun. One day however, when we were running the mile, a girl from the class decided to run with me. We talked during those nine and a half minutes and ended up being pretty similar. So after that, we would talk every day. At first it was only during that one class, but eventually we went to lunch too. Now, three years later, even though we only had one class together each of those years, we talk every day, in school and out, and are pretty inseparable. Thankfully, I met my closest and best friend because we both really hated a class we only happened to share.

  4. Daphna says:

    That sounds like a really fun book. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. Jenna says:

    I think this book sounds awesome!

    I never went to summer camp, but I did spend a lot of time in my youth at Girl Scout Camp. One friendship memory that springs to mind is when I was on a Girl Scout camping trip in fifth grade one grey fall weekend. I had gotten into a fight with my best friend earlier that week (about what? who knows?), and all of our friends had been trying to get us to make up. Finally, during that camping trip, we quietly, quickly, and easily made up but for SOME REASON we felt we weren’t being dramatic enough, so we decided to stage a “make up” so our friends could witness our reunion. It began with a lot of yelling at each other in our lean-to (I think we screamed “FINE!” back and forth for a while) in order to get the attention of the rest of the troop, then we went outside and hugged it out in front of everyone. People clapped. It was great. At the campfire that night, I put my head on her shoulder while we toasted marshmallows side by side and was so, so glad we were friends again.

    • Shira says:

      This made me laugh out loud so much in the bookstore (I was at an event) that I had to tell the random new friend I’d just made all about it.

  6. Madeleine S. says:

    This book sounds amazing! My favourite friendship memory happened last summer. My best friend is someone I met online three years ago and last summer, at a convention in Orlando, I got to meet her in person for the first time. I’ll never forget the moment she came into my line of sight at the airport. We started sprinting at each other and when I reached her I engulfed her in a tackle hug. It’s a moment I’ve seen happen (via video footage) of many other online friends of mine when they met their best friends, and I finally got to have my moment. It was one of the best days of my life. And then the rest of the convention with her was also amazing. I was scared we wouldn’t know what to say to each other now that we were talking in person vs over the Internet, but I swear it felt like the most natural friendship ever. It was like we had been friends (in person) for our entire lives.

    • Shira says:

      that is so, so awesome. I’ve met some amazing people over the years online/in fandom, including my spouse and my trusty Chief Executive Beta. I still remember my first moments with both of them.

    • J.L. Douglas says:

      Hey! Just letting you know that you won the autographed copy of Lunaside! You can PM me how I can get that to you on my Tumblr (, and let me know how you want it signed/personalized–names, inspirational comments, random facts, crude drawings, whatever! 🙂

  7. Well, im a twin, so I have pretty benign memories that at the time seemed like rugrats adventures😂I remember my sister and I made a crappy treasure map, and it actually led us to treasure!

    In the form of a bugs bunny trading card😂I dont even remember if it was from a crack jack box, or what. But we were official treasure hunters after that!

  8. AH this sounds like such an amazing book! I can’t wait to read this, whether I win a copy or not. And that art really is killer.

    My friendship memory: When I was in 5th grade, my friend Ashley (who I’m still best friends with 12 years later) and I were OBSESSED with Leprechauns. We were convinced that there was a colony of them at our school, so whenever we were outside for recess we would leave them food from our lunches. We had another friend (who was a compulsive liar and eventually moved away) who would “guard” the food so no one else would take it, and when we’d check back at the end of recess, it would always be gone! Taken by the leprechauns!

    Obviously we figured out it was Sarah who was taking the food, but for a while we thought we’d befriended a happy colony of leprechauns at an elementary school on Long Island. 🙂

  9. Kara Alt says:

    Sounds like a nice read, can’t wait to camp out pretending to be ‘young again’ with these characters! 😀

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