Some m/m (and f/f) titles starring Jewish characters

This is by no means an exhaustive or all-inclusive list, but I realized that some of these stories might slip under the radar because in many cases the books aren’t about the character’s Jewishness so it doesn’t get keyworded as having Jewish representation. So: here’s a list of m/m books and short stories about either one or two Jewish men.

Matzo Ball – MC in New York City falls for bartender during holiday mishap; both men are Jewish. Short, Chanukah-related.

Think of England – Gay Edwardian suspense novel with snarky, effeminate Sephardic Jewish love interest

To Summon Nightmares – paranormal novel set in Ireland; bi Jewish trans man dealing with his new Gentile boyfriend’s creepy occult past. Trans author.

Once a Hero – secular Israeli with mercenary/bodyguard experience but who is a personal chef now has to go back to bodyguard days when the (bi, Gentile) judge he cooks for is targeted by an angry ex-con. They fall in love during the whole “I’m gonna keep you from getting killed” thing.

And the Tarot Cards Said – MC is in love with his boss, a “fake psychic” (the Jewish character.) One day, in the middle of a show, the fake powers turn real as a ghost who also loves men urges him to stop hiding his bisexuality and his feelings for MC. Short.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – edited to add this one. YA contemporary with patrilinially Jewish love interest. (I usually wouldn’t specify that except the character doesn’t seem to identify AS Jewish.) Teenager has secret online boyfriend who’s someone at his school but he doesn’t know who.

Just gonna throw some f/f links on here, too, since that’s most of what I read

The Fire-Eater’s Daughter by Amy Stilegenbauer is set in the 1950’s; daughter of Shoah refugees falls in love with a female circus performer. Short.

What the Heart Wants – Jewish MC finds love in an art class. Also features a side m/f couple where the guy is heteroromantic asexual. Short.

A Small Country About to Vanish – f/f set in the author’s native Israel. I have not read, but it just won a runner’s up in the Rainbow Awards.

A Harvest of Ripe Figs – the latest in my own series, which is f/f Jewish fantasy centering on the relationships and adventures of a young lesbian queen, her partner, and her bodyguards (a lady knight and a dragon-shifting wizard, all Jewish.) This one’s a mystery about a stolen violin. I’ve also got some Jewish f/f SFF erotica shorts that are not part of this series.

Gravity – I have not read; f/f YA starring an Orthodox Jewish teenager.

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