“Carolyn for Christmas”, sweet contemporary lesbian romance novella set in Ireland

I’ve seen a lot of people looking for media with f/f that isn’t erotica, isn’t YA, and has a happy ending, and Irish author Lucy Carey’s new release Carolyn for Christmas fits everything on that list.

Two women who used to be friends as children, and were possibly turning into more as pre-teens before a misunderstanding tore them apart, are thrown back together when they compete for a solo in the church Christmas concert.

One woman is from a wealthy but dysfunctional background with an emotionally abusive, conservative father; the other was raised by an impoverished but loving single mother who’s now dying of cancer. Having lost several family members including a parent to cancer myself, I found validation in the authenticity of her pain. Anyway, thank goodness the women finally manage to connect and make up for lost time, finding a source of relief and joy from their renewed relationship.

Several dramatic and unexpected scenes impressed me; I don’t want to spoil them, but I think y’all will find this a fun read.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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