Novella review: coming to terms with finding out you’re NOT going to die

Shaken by Jenna Jones is a heavy but ultimately rewarding little book. This isn’t so much a romance as it is the story of a man’s journey back from the edge of death–how his unexpected remission causes him to question what he wants out of his relationships and what he’s capable of giving in return. Sometimes, in established relationships, distances develop because one or both parties are dealing with Heavy Shit. This book contains a fairly realistic depiction of that and also a realistic resolution/solution that closed the distance and soothed away the awkwardness.

I appreciate the fact that the plot didn’t call for a same-sex relationship yet had one anyway; we deserve to be in all kinds of literature just like straight people are. I also appreciate reading about an established couple, because one meet-cute after another might be fun reading but it’s also important to represent the longevity of same-sex commitment.

(Is Bermuda really in the Caribbean or was that an editorial misstep?)

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