Gay bear romance about being psychic: short rec

The main character of “The Psychometry of Snow” by Nathan Burgoine is either psychic or psychic and mentally ill, but either way: he hears residual voices coming from objects people have touched. He can hear their worries, their memories. When he runs into his brother’s friend from high school on a winter vacation in snowy mountains, he’s hoping the guy–who grew up really cute, my type, tall, bearded, and burly–doesn’t remember the way his gift made him act when they were all teenagers.

Turns out, it wouldn’t be so bad if he did remember, and the story has a very moving resolution. It’s hard to explain this story without spoiling things, but it would be worth checking out even if it wasn’t free, if you like: gay romance that isn’t sexually explicit, gay romance involving big burly bearded guys, or queer SFF in general.

This was printed in The Bears of Winter, which I’m still reading (and mostly enjoying!) I will be posting about it later on when I finish.

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