What DID the dragon find in his cave?

My new short story “Treasure Hunt” is now for sale from the publisher (& Amazon.) It’s an explicit D/s short about two burly boyfriends and a dragon who doesn’t get out much.

When the Empress sends her Imperial guards Vasily and Aleksei into the dragon’s cave to steal treasure, they doubt the existence of the dragon and take advantage of the time alone in the dark to drink vodka and fool around. Little do they know, the dragon is watching Vasily’s expert domination, and he likes what he sees! This story is not for children and features a sentient but non-human narrator.

dragon voyeur

Artwork drawn by Laya on commission. This story also appeared in the anthology Twisted Fables.

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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2 Responses to What DID the dragon find in his cave?

  1. I am struck how much Vasily looks like me when I had long hair! Also I love the Dragon and applaud any writer using non-human narration.

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