Lioness in Blue: my new age-difference romance novelette

“Shira Glassman packs so much detail to these characters in so few words and paints an intimate picture of two Jewish oboists who have both lost someone they love to cancer.” – Chasia Lloyd‘s review

Lauren and Dan from Lioness.jpg

Presenting Lioness in Blue, my new Jewish contemporary romance novelette from @torquerepress. Picture by Laya. Also for sale on Kindle and Smashwords.

First Oboe Dan Cohen may be twice her age, but Second Oboe Lauren Stern isn’t about to let that stand in her way. She’s been fantasizing about the man beside her in the symphony, and this might just be the concert where she finally finds out what it’s like to feel the scruff of his salt-and-pepper goatee against her skin.

If people are going to make intrusive comments about how much older he is, they can get over themselves. Not only is Dan an expert lover who knows how to take care of a woman, but he doesn’t want her to be gentle–quite the opposite!

I wanted to write something like this after the hullaballoo last summer when romance novels kept wanting to pair Jewish women with… well, let’s not go there. In my little bookling they’re both Jewish, because our men are sexy too, dammit.


This one may be of special interest to fans of my Rivka/Isaac, although fair warning that it’s significantly more explicit than the Mangoverse books and even goes into some mild femdom. (Also, the heroine, Lauren, is bisexual, if anyone was looking for more bi characters in their m/f reading.)

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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