Sweet f/f sci-fi between android & repairwoman

Man, I would give The  Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz six stars if I could. It’s a quick, emotional, uplifting f/f romance between an outmoded android and a robot repair tech, with an ending that reminds me of sunlight breaking through the end of a really wet rainstorm.

The robot is basically a robot widow, thinking of the woman who first acquired her to help with her tea shop with fond longing even hundreds of years after her death. It could all be read as a gigantic metaphor for the vulnerability of a new relationship (trusting someone to tinker around in your programming!), the yoke of grief, and living for someone else’s goals because you miss them.

Or you could just jump up and down squeeing over lesbian robot romance, because both levels work equally well. Also, the human is asexual, and is really clear about it, so if you’re looking for that, have at!

I love the sort of sparkly pretty fluffy worldbuilding of a future where it’s common to have talking robot pets of all kinds.

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Queer Jewish feminist author
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