Sorcerer to the Crown paperback giveaway rules!

Hi, y’all! Remember this great book? Author Zen Cho was nice enough to provide two paperback copies for me to give away to interested readers. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

-To enter, you must leave a comment on my review of the book (not here, this page is just for rules and questions) with a recommendation for a fantasy book written by an author from a marginalized group. Give us a sentence or so (no length limit) on why I or my followers should check out this other book. My review of Sorcerer to the Crown should help you determine my tastes and pick a book you think I’d like! (If you want to know more about my tastes, feel free to peruse the blog at my other reviews.)

-You must live in North America because I’m paying for shipping myself.

-Winning entries will be picked on August 1. If you haven’t responded by August 8, I will start picking other entries. Winners will be chosen at random using Excel. You can either put your email address in your comment (I’d advise the “dragonfruit at perach dot moo” method in case those bots from my undergrad days are still a thing) or mention your Twitter name and keep DM’s open.)

Best of luck, everybody!

About Shira

Queer Jewish feminist author
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