Book review: A bi, poly president of the USA?

With a title like Kneel, Mr. President I was definitely expecting a lot of enthusiastically-written kinky sex, but this book surprised me by being more than that. Instead, it starts right as a tense situation comes to a head–the First Lady going to her husband’s friend, bodyguard, and ex-fuckbuddy to say that she thinks he’s gonna die of Presidential stress unless the friend comes back to the First Bedroom–and follows the three protagonists through all the birthing pains of a realistic triad relationship. (Spoiler: if you’re looking for a happy poly ending, come on in.)

The erotic scenes were really hot, and because there were two people and more than one kind of body parts, plus the exploration of BDSM, the author was able to explore a wider variety of acts than I’m used to and that was cool because it meant the sex scenes never got repetitive. I also liked getting to see a woman grow into and explore the Domme side she never knew she had.

Here we have some bi men whose identities are pretty firmly established by the book, men who are not deceitful or dissolute or untrustworthy or flaky or any of the other bi stereotypes. Two of them!

There are also scenes where when characters are in emotional pain they are unable to climax, which I wouldn’t have noticed especially except for a friend was recently bemoaning the lack of this sort of trouble in romance literature. So, kudos to the author for that.

Anyway, it seems like the kind of story that could just have been written on only a pornographic level but was emphatically not: people’s emotions are important, people’s shared histories are important, and people’s nonsexual lives are important. This is a true poly romance novel, and a novel that treats its female MC as deserving of lots and lots of pleasure.

I leave you with: this author had someone use a feathered cat toy on a President of the United States during bisexual kinky threesome sex. Applause, my good madam.

P.S. The safe word is Republican, because of course it is.

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